AddCallChat – Add Video/Voice Calls and Realtime Chat to any app, with WebRTC, just few line of code


You probably need to add VOICE / VIDEO CALL and REALTIME CHAT to your app, but you do not know how and you do not want to pay every time your users make a call, right?

So AddCallChat is your solution. Add voice / video calls and Real-time Chat in your application with only few lines of code and your app is ready to make and receive calls (Voice and Video) and have Real-time Chat

Calls are free and your users can make and receive calls as often as they want, as AddCall uses the native WebRTC and you do not have to pay anything.

– Features

  • Realtime Chat
  • High Speed Delivery
  • New Messages Push Notifications
  • Missed Calls Push Notifications
  • Messages Status in Realtime: SentDeliveredSeen
  • User Status: OnlineOfflineLast Seen
  • Status: CallingRingingConnectingConnectedBusyFailedCall Ended
  • Adopted to work in Any existing Android App
  • Ready to make and Receive Calls
  • Make and Receive Voice call
  • Make and Receive Video call
  • Receive Calls even your app in background
  • Hight Quality Calls up to 1080p
  • Auto-Scale video quality depending on Network Quality
  • Auto-hangUp call if no answer after 30 seconds
  • Auto-require permissions when needed
  • Get Call details after hangUp
  • Get Call status in Realtime
  • Latest WebRTC and Socket.IO technology, No call provider needed
  • No payment needed, your calls, your Realtime chat, your server
  • Automatically gets your app primary colours
  • Beautiful Calls design
  • Beautiful Chat design (in DEMO)
  • Just 3 lines of code.

– Package

  • Source code of AddCallChat library
  • Source code of Server files
  • Source code of Demo App
  • Documentation

– Requirements

You can use our server, but it may slow or be offline

  • A Working Android App
  • Hosting with Root access (opcional)

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  • Version / Updated :
    29 July 19