App Manager


App Manager is made for manages apps storage in device. App Manager is come with the easiest way to move apps between different storage spaces of android devices like Internal Storage , External Storage (SD card storage) etc.

App Manager is built with native Java in Android Studio. It’s easy to customize, like change app name, app icons even you can change customize icon colors only for look more attractive. You can customize any screens as per your needs.


  • Move App : Move App from internal storage to external storage for manage internal storage space of android device. Some app not working proper with external storage installation App Manager also provide feature for move app to internal storage with easy move feature help users to manage storage space of device as per users and apps requirements.
  • Notify Move able App : App Manager notify users on new installed app if new installed app is movable to external storage so user can move newly installed app to external storage and manage device internal storage space for install other apps.
  • Attractive design of App : App Manager design in a way which highlight feature of app and help user to easily use.
  • Categories Apps : App Manager separate apps to category wise which help users to easily find apps which is move able or not, App in Sd card storage , App only allow to internal storage etc.
  • Sorting Apps : App Manager provide sorting functionality to help users to sort and manage apps.
  • Selection of Apps : Single, All and Only selected all options provided by App Manager for move apps.

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