HashGram – Android Photo and Video sharing App


Bring your own Instagram like App to the market in a few hours on Android Platform

Hashgram is an effective Social Networking app packed with a profusion of features starting from the simple news feed to complex image filters. Status Updates, Image sharing, Push Notifications and way more to go.

Application features :

  • Make New Posts Is there something interesting happening in your life or at the moment? Use this feature to update a new post and let the world know.
  • Integrated Realtime Chat You can chat directly with your friends, colleagues using the Instagram clone direct chat feature.
  • Read-Write Comments Post Comments on user posted photos.
  • Hash Tags Functionality You can add hash tags in the comment section of the concerned post or in post caption
  • Search Module: You can search for any details in the application such as the users or the tags.
  • Followers Log The Followers log contains the entire information about the follower’s list which includes likes and the folks that they are following.
  • Upload MediaHere, you can upload the photos from the library or with the aid of camera option available in the smartphone.
  • Profile DetailsThis feature contains the posts created by the user and the basic details such as the number of followers, number of people the user is a following and total number of posts.
  • Edit Profile In this feature, the folks can change their profile photo, username, password, history of details and all others.
  • Social LoginYou can sign up for the Facebook account or using an email account.
  • File UploadsYou can sign up for the Facebook account or using an email account.
  • Custom Image Filters The Users can access the multiple numbers of filters which are integrated along with the default ones.

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  • Version / Updated :
    22 July 19