Maths Quiz and Brain Trainer


Free Math Games for everyone from kids to adults. Best maths practice game to train your brain & is designed for all ages including kids, girls and boys, adults including parents and grandparents.

Mathematics – it’s interesting and completely not boring.

Math Games is your ultimate brain trainer app. You will be asked simple mathematics questions and you need to select the result among four alternatives. For simplicity, we are taking integer division result only in case of a division operation.

The games are so simple and easy even the youngest kids can play it.


  • Mathematical calculations to play and practice with simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Random quiz no need to database
  • There are three difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard. Once you obtain a high score, always share your score with your friends and invite them to play this games.
  • TTS voice support
  • Clean user interface
  • Unlimited Practice
  • Clean code
  • well documented

What You Get?

  • Full Android Source Code
  • Full Document with Screenshot

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