Music Streaming (Pro Version)


Music Streaming source code A mobile application for online and offline play music with an attractive modern interface. will bring you a great experience. With the suusoft player, you can also easily expand into a radio app or streaming app.

With music mobile app you can easy expandable features as playing video, streaming etc. Or we can customize it to Video app, Streaming video app and save a lot of money and time with our solution Benefits: The music app can set AdMob to charge, or buy your songs, charge periodically …

  • Modern home-style drapes as like Zing Mp3 apps, the Soundcloud app.
  • The play mode changes the image according to the song
  • Fast speed, smooth because the task is running in the background.
  • Player smart, convenient at the bottom
  • Easy to extend and customize
  • Home top, top artist, top album, playlist with attractive modern UI
  • Show detail song, artist, album …
  • Smart player with smooth touch – now playing
  • Queue song: users can add songs that will play in the queue
  • Favorite your song
  • Download song in the background
  • Playing the song in the background with the notification
  • Bottom player: With a smooth touch, the bottom player gives you an enjoyable experience.
  • The song filter
  • Backend: Mange song, artist, album …
  • Offline music
  • Admob feature

Platform: Android, Web PHP
Tool: Android studio,

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  • Version / Updated :
    21 December 18