My Kitchen | Recipe Cookbook native android application based on WordPress


If you are a WordPress admin and you are looking for a native Android app for your recipe site then probably this is the best solution for you.

Also if you are planning to start your own recipe site and you don’t have any mobile and web development knowledge, this is the solution you need. This is not mandatory to have an existing WordPress site. We will guide you to build your dashboard.

This app allows your create native android application for recipe site. WordPress will be used as base backend. App includes all the features what a complete recipe app should have. A very useful and compact homepage has been designed with all dynamic data. Basic functionality i.e: recipe search, featured recipe list, category and subcategory list, bookmark list, home category selection etc has been included into the application.

We have included push notification too. Admin can push simple message and post id to show specific recipes. AdMob has been included with the project so that anybody can include Ad in any activity.

Here is the detailed feature list:

  • Complete native android app based on WordPress news or blog site
  • Dynamic homepage and infinite number of subcategories
  • Top level menus, featured, recent items, top level categories in homepage
  • On scroll recipe load
  • Enriched recipe searching capability
  • Rich HTML post description
  • Text to speech facility
  • Favorite List to bookmark recipes
  • Comment and reply facility
  • Social Media Links
    • YouTube
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google Plus
  • Different support channel
    • Call support
    • Message support
    • Email support
    • Support through facebook messenger.
  • Easy navigation simpler UX
  • Complete material design
  • Multi color theme template
  • Firebase analytics to analyze users behavior
  • Complete Admob integration (banner and full-screen ad)
  • A settings page to customize app settings
    • Notification ON/OFF
    • Text size
  • Native push notification, in app notification panel and history
    • Push message and headline.
    • Push with post id.
    • Keep push notification history and show number of unread push notification.
  • Home page features
    • Notification counter with navigation flows.
    • Recipe search option
    • Animated slider with featured (known as ‘sticky’) recipes with navigation flows.
    • Top level category items
    • Recipe List of user selected categories (Home Category)
  • Recipe Details
    • Scrollable image
    • Recipe sharing facility via social media.
    • Text to speech to read out a recipe ingredients
    • Add to bookmark list option
    • Comments and replies with validation
  • WordPress features
    • Menus
    • SubMenus
    • Categories
    • Subcategories
    • Recipes by Category
    • Featured Recipes
    • Infinite hierarchy level of category and menu
    • Add to bookmark list
    • Efficient recipe searching capability
    • Commenting facility

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  • Version / Updated :
    19 January 18