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NewsExtra contains everything you need to launch your own RSS news app and website.
Combine feeds from different websites or videos from different youtube channels and display as a single feed on the mobile app or blog site.
Comes with News Sites Crawler written in python that extracts structured information from almost any news website.

  • Built with latest version of Android Studio, Uses the latest technologies, room database, glide for image loading and retrofit for networking.
  • Integrated with Admin Panel to add rss feed urls, radio channels, youtube channels, manage news, interests/topics, send user notifications and many more.
  • Easy-to-use news crawler written in python that extracts structured information from almost any news website. You only need to provide the root URL of the news website.
  • Fully-responsive Magazine style online news portal for your web users. To maximize the readership of our online magazine, articles are both attention-grabbing and extremely easy to read.
  • Categorises news based on interests/topics. Users get to choose their interests and get rss feeds delivered to them according to what they choosed. You can add multiple interests/topics on the admin dashboard.
  • Add rss news sites targeted at specific countries. Rss Feeds are delivered to users according to their location, e.g users in india will only see feeds for rss channels you added to india.
  • Supports rss news sites with different languages with the capability to allow users to read feeds with different language on their android apps.
  • Lightweight but powerful Android radio player with support for multiple radio channels. Add hundreds of radio stations on the admin panel, users can search for a particular radio station in the search bar.
  • Android app Supports youtube video playback without the official android youtube app. Users can watch youtube videos from any youtube channel you added on the admin backend.
  • NewsExtra Android app features light and dark themes, users can switch to any theme that suits their taste.
  • Easy monetisation from 2 of the best android monetisation platform. Ad placements that matches the look and feel of the app.
  • Full documentation with detailed guide on how to quickly and easily install and get app running in few minutes.

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