On Demand Services Providers/Users App & Web Dashboard



  • 2 individual apps
  • On Demand Services Provider app included
  • On Demand Services User app included

 On Demand Services Providers App

  • Service provider registration / login
  • Various types of jobs(services): Provider can add various types of jobs(services). Also provider can update and delete any jobs(services).
  • Pending jobs : provider can see all requested jobs(services) by user in this section. and also able to accept / cancel invitations.
  • Accepted jobs : provider can see accepted jobs(services) in this section.
  • Completed jobs: provider can see all their completed jobs(services) unders this section and check further history.
  • Declined jobs: provider can see cancel jobs(services) list under this section.
  • Settings section : Provider can add bank details. Provider can check earnings with listed history.
  • Profile information : Provider can manage profile information and also add their address and other about us concept information.
  • Change Password : Provider can change their password any time.
  • Notifications: Provider can see all notifications about jobs services.

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    10 August 19