Phone Tracker – Live Tracking of Phones, Find Lost/Stolen Phones WorldWide with MyMap 2


Track/Locate Your Employees/Vehicles/Buses/Close-Ones/family-members Phones Live with map indicators in the app. You can also use this for Lost/stolen phones tracking..Turn Your app’s “track this device” option ON for Your location sharing and You can track your children/family-members/close-persons/Employees/Vehicles/Buses live location all the time if they share their location to the server [“track this device” option ON in the app of their Phones]…Users can locate each others live location all the time. It is very secure and effective. Suppose an user want to track his/her family members. He/She needs the registered emails and pin numbers of his/her family members to track them Live… He/She can save the Registered emails and pins with names inside the app. So that he/she can track his/her family members all the time inside the map easily, Can Draw routes also(multiple tracking feature)….if an user “stop/OFF” his/her location sharing in the app[“track this device” option OFF in the app of his Phone], Nobody can track him/her…

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    13 September 2021