PicVote – A Social Decision Making App


Get opinions fast with PicVote, the easy to create polls, get votes and compare anything you like!

Each time you open PicVote, you’ll see the latest polls for you to vote on and give your opinion: What should I wear? Who will win? Where should I go on holiday?

Create a poll to help you make a decision or just for fun. You can choose who to follow and help other people! Find people who like similar things to you and follow them, give your opinion and choose your favourite topics.

  • Create polls quickly and easily by capturing 2 pics.
  • Vote on 1000s of questions and polls
  • Follow people who like similar things to you.
  • Search polls based on the tags
  • Choose horizontal and vertical layout for the poll
  • See top people in the community in the trending section

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    30 October 18