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  1. Tired of looking for decent MP3 Cutter or Ringtone Cutter? Do you want to cut music at your own pace, even while you are on the go? do you get bored from Existing device Tone? are you looking for something Simple and new?

We are Introducing Smart Ringtone Maker is a perfect tool for that, it offers Music cutting Feature right under your fingertips for Ringtones Creation and innovative Smart Tone Suggestions!

Smart Ringtone Maker is created with elegance and simplicity in mind to deliver the best User Experience and User Interface and it comes with plenty of features to enrich the music cutting experience , it fully understands your music activity and it will automatically suggest new Smart Tones based on the music you listen to the most and helps you personalize your experience as you see fit , also It will also help to earn extra income by Admob and other Ads.

  1. How Smart Suggestions Feature Works? the application uses complex logic to choose and cut music, firstly The app tracks the plays count per song then lists all songs based on their play count secondly the application collects all cuts selections data when users cut certain tracks and save that data on firebase live database , finally the app automatically cut 30 secs the music based on 2 scenarios firstly if someone had already cut the exact song before then we will use the most common selection based on users taste which is usually the best part of the song, if there is no data available yet then we will cut the music based on waveform altitude.
  2. How accurate is Smart Suggestion Feature? in the previous question, we mentioned that that feature is mainly based on collecting data from users when they cut their music so the accuracy of the suggestions will be based on the magnitude of the collected data, we are using sound fingerprinting technology(Acrcloud) for better accuracy in identifying the song information before inserting into Firebase
  3. what is so special about the music cutter? when we examined most of the open source libraries when it comes to sound editing, we were not happy with the performance so we decided to work on improving Google’s Ringdroid library by increase FPS from 20 to 50~60 FPS and by materializing the waveform and adding initial selection animation based on Waveform altitude and eventually we created caching logic for redrawing waveforms in the home screen

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