Student Assistant – Notes, Events, Timeline, Attendance & Assignment


Manage all your subjects, timetables, assignment, attendance and subject’s notes.

A fresh school management application. School Hub helps students to manage their educational life. You can create subjects, add teachers, create events and view timetables. Here is the list of available modules and features in current version:

✅ DASHBOARD: Dashboard screen shows you a summary of data on School Hub. You can view Timetable of day events and notifications.

✅ TIMETABLE: Create and manage timetables for every day and view subject.

✅ NOTES: Add subject notes. School Hub keeps organised your notes by separating them to folders. You can create notes for every subject and open & update them any time later.

✅ SUBJECTS: Create and manage subjects and view an overview of the subject

✅ ATTENDANCE: Manage attendance to subject.

✅ ASSIGNMENTS AND TASKS: Create tasks for managing your assignments.

✅ AGENDA: Create and manage events.

✅ EXAM MARKS: Enter your marks and view your average success of the subject.

Available Languages In Current Version: English and Turkish.

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  • Version / Updated :
    19 January 19