VideoStreams -supports vimeo, dailymotion, youtube, youtube live, m3u8, mpd, mp4, avi and others.


VideoStreams is a Multi-purpose Android Video streaming app for you to launch your own media streaming platform in minutes. Deploying this app can save you hours of coding time. VideoStreams supports vimeo, dailymotion, youtube, youtube live, m3u8, mpd, mp4, avi and other video formats.

Features –

  1. Material Design App
  2. Youtube live videos/m3u8, mpd live streams.
  3. Supports almost all video formats avi, mk4, mp4 etc.
  4. Powerful and Attractive Admin Panel
  5. Push Notifications
  6. weekly/monthly/yearly subscription plans
  7. Full documentation with detailed setup guide
  8. Powerful Search
  9. Authentication System
  10. Facebook + Google Login
  11. Password Retrieval/ Email confirmation mails.
  12. Comments/Replies/Likes
  13. Create video Playlists
  14. Categories/Sub-Categories.
  15. Video Management
  16. User Management
  17. Comments and Notification Management
  18. Reported Comments
  • Built with latest version of Android Studio, Uses the latest technologies, room database, glide for image loading and retrofit for networking.
  • Easily customise each video plan. Allow users to stream an video for free, download a video to device.
  • Web admin panel to easily manage videos and users. Upload/edit/delete videos. block/unblock/delete your app android users. Send push notifications.
  • The app comes with a clean, functional and powerful mp4 video player to play online or downloaded videos.
  • Complete user authentication system. register, login & forgot password features. Send Mail Confirmation and Password Retrieval Link to users email.
  • App comes with support for pause with resumable downloads. Each video can be customised to allow or disallow downloads.
  • Support for users to combine online and offline videos to create video playlist.
  • Users can react or give feedback through comments/replies and likes. App comes with support for emojis in comments.
  • Full documentation with detailed guide on how to quickly and easily install and get app running in few minutes.

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  • Version / Updated :
    11 August 19