Wallpark – An android Wallpaper app with admin panel


WallPark is built with native Java in Android Studio. It’s an android wallpaper application. It offers more than 20 screens and all are fully designed & keeping in mind to fit for any wallpaper types. WallPark offers all required features, which can fulfil any modern application. It’s easy to customize, you can use it in any format of wallpaper like JPG, JPEG, PNG etc. You can customize any screen as per your needs. It follows all the standards to fulfil the user’s requirements.


Wallpark is a platform for android wallpaper application where you can create an inventory of best quality wallpapers for your mobile. This wallpaper template built with Java in android studio. It provides more than 25 fully designed screens which are perfect to fit any type of wallpaper.

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  • Version / Updated :
    19 January 19 - v3.0