Word Brain Puzzle


Full blown Cocos2d-x Android word puzzle game. Features:
In-app purchases that provide coins and remove ads.
Words and GUI are in 8 languages: English, Turkish, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Russian
Each language has 520 levels. Starts with a 2×2 grid and goes to as far as 7×7. Data is in Sqlite database.
A new language with new words can be added with the provided grid generator.
Daily rewards that last for 7 days.
Eye candy UI animations.
Tutorial that leads and teaches user how to play. And an additional view pager animation that instructs how to play as a later reference.
Help center that can be customized with JSON text.
The game provides 3 ways to spend coins.
Full source code with Android Studio project.
Features Admob interstitial and Rewarded video ads with GDPR compliancy.
Rate Us view that appears a certain time.
Features privacy menu with terms of service and privacy policy buttons.
Contact Us feature that sends e-mail to game publisher (you, perhaps).
Comes with a Java application that sends any number of coins to a specific user via push message.
Main colors, coin rewards and cost are easy to customize with variables and includes PSD files.
Native build: it has rock solid performance. Efficient for all screen sizes with 3 different PNG resolutions.
Comes with a 9-page help document that instructs how to setup and customize the game.

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    25 January 21