Doccure – Doctors Appointment Booking Management Mobile App Template (Framework7 + Bootstrap + PWA)


An appointment scheduling system I must-have for any hospital or a medical Center. But how easy is it to create one? Well, we have made it easier for you with Doccure. Doccure is an online appointment booking system exclusively designed to take appointments in clinics and hospitals. With Doccure you can make scheduling easier by assigning doctors based on the patient’s choice. This template provides users with all the details about the doctor and the hospital and also enables you to choose from a range of options including the nearest clinic based on your location. It provides all the required information about the doctors and clinics along with their availability, appointment, images, and ratings thereby making it easier for the customers to choose from. It also allows you to give ratings and comments based on your experience. This is the best online service for booking appointments in clinics and hospitals.

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  • Version / Updated :
    10 March 2022