Hoverboard Segway Rider (Unity 3D)


We bring your dreams into reality, your dream of People on hoverboard/segways and here it is. Get your favorite people on the hoverboard you like, and ride like a boss. you will love the looks , fun that this people is having while riding the hoverboard/segway. people knows how to drive and keep balance on it. you just keep giving the badly need push.

Hoverboard Segway Rider is a totally 3D unity game with admob banner and interstitial which you can make money in this game all assets is free to use but if you don’t like you can change with your assets, and is easy to reskin you have documentation with all contents to resikn this game.

The game is made with Unity C# and optimized for iOS and Android devices. This template provides you a full-featured, ready-for-release game source code that you can customize and build your own game in no time!.

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  • Version / Updated :
    6 January 2019