Zip File Reader – Zip and Unzip Tool – RAR Reader – Unarchive – Zip File opener for Android


Zip File Reader is a file compressor and also a zip file opener that works on the extraction and compressing of files. File compressor to Compress all your documents with the most useful application known as Zip unzip tool unarchive tool & zip file opener.

You can easily reduce size of your files and extract all your extract files with the zip tool and also you can combine all the files and compress them easily. Zip file manager or file extractor app Compress all your docs, Easy zip tool file reader can read your files from your phone. Easy zip unzip files application will help you read zip files and convert them into unzipped files and folders. All files compressor can zip and unzip your files and Easily zip tool with the help of 7z file reader. You can compress files and make them shrink with one click. Extract all your zip files with this app.

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