Screw Puzzle – Wood Bolts and Nuts. HTML5 Game (Construct 3). Web and Mobile ready


Welcome to the Screw Puzzle: Wood Nuts & Bolts game, where the world of puzzles meets the thrill of fasteners! Embark on a thrilling adventure where bolts, nuts, and wooden puzzles collide in a mind-bending challenge. Dive into a world filled with conundrums, where every turn reveals a new twist in the game.

HOW TO PLAY: – Solve the Wooden Puzzle: Conquer the challenge of the wooden stack, untangle bolts and nuts, and unlock the secrets hidden deep within the wood. – Master the Mechanic Puzzle: Arm yourself with a screwdriver and outsmart wood wasps, overcome the plumer crack obstacles. – Explore the Woods: Venture into the heart of the woods game, where each level brings a new conundrum. Are you ready to delve into the mind-blowing world of Screws & Fasteners?

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