Steex – Vue3 + Laravel Admin Dashboard Template


Steex admin and dashboard template Build with Vue 3 & Laravel + Vuejs with Vite and Bootstrap-vue-next & Bootstrap 5.3.0-alpha2! We have provided authentication ( Login, Register, Forgot Password with email, Lock screen ) using Axios which can help you to quickly start your project. Whether you’re building a web app, eCommerce platform, CRM, or real estate project, Steex has got you covered. With its fully responsive and RTL-supported design, Steex ensures that your web app or dashboard looks great on all devices. We have used Laravel Vite with SCSS variables-based modes along with RTL support. You can quickly change the layout or mode by changing data attributes only instead of changing huge lines of code. Steex comes with five types of layouts – Vertical, Horizontal, Detached, Two Column, and Hovered – each with multiple options of layouts like Fixed and Scrollable. Additionally, Steex offers Dark, Light, and RTL modes and multiple other customization options.

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  • Version / Updated :
    25 July 2023