Smart Music Dark IOS Swift


Smart Music Dark IOS app allows users listen to music via online or offline play on their iPhone with internet connection or without. It is fully functional music player app, This is a clean Swift 4.2 and code and you can open with latest Xcode version. it’s designed for dark mode lover.

Open file Smart Music Dark.xcworkspace for correct way

IOS Features

  • Dark Mode Lover
  • iOS 10 support up
  • Seek in lock screen
  • Next or Previous Music in lock screen
  • Play or Pause or Next or Previous in lock screen
  • Beautiful lock screen with artist, poster and duration
  • Streaming
  • Home Screen
  • Artists
  • Popular Artists
  • Songs
  • Popular Songs
  • Search Screen
  • More Screen
  • Downloading
  • Downloaded
  • Favorites
  • Playlists

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    5 May 19