Connect – A Flutter based Video conferencing App


Connect is a free video conferencing app aimed at providing hassle free face time with family, friends or colleagues. It’s a secure platform where anyone can create an account and get connected to their loved ones without worrying of data theft.
Connect Features:
– Secured Login: Login to app with social media login (Gmail, Facebook,Email)
– Register Swiftly: Two step registration process
– Two step register: Get authentication link on email for enhanced security
– Reset password: Reset password with google’s secure email verification
– Join swiftly: Join meetings with the team without logging in
– Secure passcodes: Create meetings with extra secure passcodes provided by google
– Expand the horizon: Conference calls upto 70 members
– What’s extra: Can chat with other users while facetime
– Multitasking – minimize the facetime like insta and become a multitasker
– Sharing is caring: Invite friends to download the application with dynamic links
– Modes according to moods: Can choose mode for app – dark mode / light mode
– Flexibility of design: Easy to restyle and theme according to your preferences
– User Experience: Receive feedback from users on your desired email account
– Messaging: Toast messages (Snackbar) for better user experience

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  • Version / Updated :
    22 May 20