Digibank – Advanced Digital Banking System with Rewards


Digibank – is an Advanced Digital Banking solution that is mainly used for Digital and Physical Banking Websites. It is a flexible Banking Script where all the banking facilities are available. In the system, visitors can register as a bank user to the application and, deposit to the account, also can make the FDR or DPS by using that deposited amount. In the system, there are DPS, FDR and, Loan and Bill payment features available. The user can make a DPS for a particular time period and amount and can receive the DPS amount with the profit after it’s maturity. It is also possible to make FDR which had some FDR plans, the bank users would keep the funds to their FDR as block money and they would receive the profit from that money every a little period of time. FDR has the compounding system available. The bank users also can apply for the Loan by maintaining all the processes of the bank. The admin or bank owner will be able to approve the loan or reject it if it does not fulfill the requirements.

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